About Me:

Hello, I am Hunter Hammond, aka "evolved", and I am a marine hobbyist who currently keeps a 270g peninsula reef in my living room featuring numerous rare wrasses. I am a knowledgeable leader in the captive care of all reef-safe wrasses and have written numerous articles on the topic. I was a speaker at MACNA 2017, RAP 2019, and a panelist at Mini-Macna 2021. In my local community, I have acted as the club president for AZ FRAG for several years. Additionally, on a national level, I am involved with the Rainbow Reefers. I have been in the marine hobby since 2009 and lives in Phoenix, Arizona with my husband and our Thai Ridgeback dog. My professional career is in the aerospace propulsion engine industry as a structures engineer.

About this Site:

I hope to offer my articles here independently and free for access. You can contact me at the email address at the bottom of the page.

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